About Us


We’re here to help.

The 1105 Cooperative offers local marijuana product delivery services to all areas of North County, San Diego 7 days a week. Our hours are Monday-Saturday from 11AM-7PM and Sundays from 11AM-5PM. Special delivery service may be available outside of regular operating hours upon prior notification and availability.

We have two types of delivery service: 
(At this time, we are only accepting cash donations.)

1. Express Service: Prepackaged meds delivered straight to your door.
Minimum donation for delivery is $60.00.

2. Concierge Service: We bring the store to you. Your driver will bring a variety of products to be looked at in your home. You will be able to see and smell our top shelf and Private Reserve flowers.
The minimum donation for Concierge Service is $150.00.
Please note that Concierge Service needs to take place in your own home.


Under California law, medical marijuana patients and primary caregivers may “associate within the State of California in order collectively or cooperatively to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes.” California law does not define collectives, but the dictionary defines them as “a business, farm, etc., jointly owned and operated by the members of a group.” (Random House Unabridged Dictionary; Random House, Inc. © 2006.) Applying this definition, a collective should be an organization that merely facilitates the collaborative efforts of patient and caregiver members – including the allocation of costs and revenues. As such, a collective is not a statutory entity, but as a practical matter it might have to organize as some form of business to carry out its activities.

The collective should not purchase marijuana from, or sell to, non-members; instead, it should only provide a means for facilitating or coordinating transactions between members. Collectives and cooperatives should acquire marijuana only from their constituent members, because only marijuana grown by a qualified patient or his or her primary caregiver may lawfully be transported by, or distributed to, other members of a collective or cooperative. (§§ 11362.765, 11362.775.)

The collective or cooperative may then allocate it to other members of the group. Nothing allows marijuana to be purchased from outside the collective or cooperative for distribution to its members. Instead, the cycle should be a closed circuit of marijuana cultivation and consumption with no purchases or sales to or from non-members. To help prevent diversion of medical marijuana to nonmedical markets, collectives and cooperatives should document each member’s contribution of labor, resources, or money to the enterprise. They also should track and record the source of their marijuana.

The 1105 Cooperative is a not-for-profit California corporation in compliance with Prop 215 & SB 420. The Co-op is operated for the benefit of its members. Place your order and become a member today!